Cooling Tower Services

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Cooling Tower Services

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Evaporation from cooling towers provides a very basic need. They cool water. There is a very important next phase to this, if the water they cool (usually condenser water) is too high, your HVAC equipment is probably not going to stay online for very long to provide cooling to your building.

This could be a water cooled chiller, self contained package unit or even in winter time a economizer system. The conditions these cooling towers operate under are usually in harsh conditions with very high moisture.

Towers as a sideline act like a big filter. Dirt gets into the water by way of outdoor air currents and collects in the water of the tower. This dirt builds up overtime and can possibly work its way into the water cooled HVAC equipment. The tower itself can get scaled up from water deposits. Fan drive systems, belts, motors, transmissions, oil reservoirs all take a beating.

We successfully provide the required service and preventive maintenance with backup 24/7 emergency repairs. Call us today to learn more.

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