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Medical Equipment Chiller Maintenance

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We presently service medical chiller from many different manufacturers. These are support chillers designed for MRs and CT cooling. This will include their chilled water distribution systems, city water change-over panels and filtration systems.

We support several local MRI & CT equipment firms that may currently be providing service on your MRI / CT, thus providing the chiller service that complements their scanning equipment that may not be their expertise.  Mobile trailer MRI’s with belly mounted chillers and modified environmental air conditioning systems are another specialty.

These trailers may be at your location on a temporary basic and we can provide the service as needed. We work directly with several of the chiller manufactures to help provide service on warranty issues that may come up with a new installation.

Along with the chilled water systems, you must not forget about your indoor scanning equipment room concerns. We can provide service and preventive maintenance all of these medical needs. We know that down time can cause havoc having to reschedule patients. We expiate required parts and try to keep your system online. We are on call 24/7.

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